Hubot adapter for and telegram. 1.2KB


A hubot adapter that works with multiple services. For now it can send and receive Telegram and text messages.


Install using npm:

npm install hubot-multi-adapter --save

And then start the server with

HUBOT_SOCKETIO_PORT=9090 TELEGRAM_TOKEN=xxxx bin/hubot -a multi-adapter

Telegram Setup

To get the TELEGRAM_TOKEN, talk to @bot_father on Telegram.

Also set up a webhook URL in the Telegram API. First delete the old one and then set a new one. Remember that this URL has to be HTTPS:

curl -XPOST
curl -XPOST

More info on Telegram Bots can be found here.


You can send webhooks thru this adapter using the endpoint /webhook. Make sure your request has a body with the user object:

  "user": {
    "first_name": "John",
    "last_name": "Doe",
    "room": 238947239874238947,
    "username": "johndoe",
    "service": "telegram",
    "msg_type": "command"
  "text": "example-command"