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 Now comes the fun part of actually creating my new blog. The ideia with this is to have a place to write down my notes and adventures about programming, design and startups.
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-Currently i'm working on [Avalanche Network](, a plataform for crowdsourcing task lists.
-I have been doing a lot of cool experiments for __Avalanche__ that need to be shared with the world.
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 In the past few weeks I played around with some realy cool javscript frameworks like [](, [Ionic]( and [AngularJS]( On the server side, I have been experimenting with realtime messaging with web sockets using [Faye]( and I'm also creating a  API with [Ruby on Rails](
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 Besides programming, i have some other cool jobs going on like the project for the new [Endossa]( store's front facade and the __Flux 324__ opening and closing credits animation.