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Codex Server

Codex is a markdown wiki server with mathjax and syntax highlighting.

How it works

The codex server works as web server for local files inside a directory and its subdirectorys. Codex will render each filetype with a nice customizable webpage template.


To start the server, navigate to the root folder of your file hierarchy and run the command: codex to start the program.

Press Ctrl + c to stop the process.


For nice looking pages, you will need to place a templates folder called views/ in the root of your hierarchy. In this folder place .html or .ejs files for each type of template:

  • index.html - This is the main template for rendering most pages (like markdown). Add <%- body %> somewhere in this file for rendering content passed from codex.
  • error-404.html - A basic error page template.

Restarting the server is not required when changin templates.

Codex Server – create by James Peret – 2017