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  James Peret 16fc7fcd10 New bindings 7 years ago
  James Peret 160ea723eb Update zshrc and moved install script to mac_automation_scripts repo 8 years ago
  James Peret 4a8ec6fed7 Updated zshrc 8 years ago
  James Peret 84504d5976 New installer script using brew cask 9 years ago
  James Peret 0d0ecb65c4 Updated zshrc 9 years ago
  jamesperet 62a33cb193 added alias for gollum 10 years ago
  jamesperet e9139e6f8d merging old master with github master 10 years ago
  jamesperet 2c5f4cfe9b Organized dotfiles dev files 10 years ago
  jamesperet 7dc4a948a6 changes to zshrc and installer script 10 years ago
  jamesperet ea8c017fea ignoring sys files 10 years ago
  jamesperet 75a91d0b3a automating installation tasks and new readme file 10 years ago
  James Peret 62f34559a4 My initial dotfiles config 11 years ago